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Joints For Jabs

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The world was still aghast this week after Washington State announced it was offering free marijuana cigarettes for people to get a COVID 19 vaccination.

However, the ‘Joints for Jabs’ campaign has not been without supporters, beyond Americans needing yet another ‘get off my tits’ incentive to protect their lives and the lives of others.

Melanie Scratch-Packet, chairman of the UK charity ‘Hackysack for Herpes’ was delighted by the idea. She told the Badger, “I think it’s brilliant. We turned the dial on sexual health by offering people the chance to master an obscure 80’s Sport. And because it’s a solo activity, we’ve never had a sore loser.”

Graham ‘Two-Teeth’ Tramp-Trouser, of Norfolk group, ‘Crack for Caring’ also agreed. He told us, “Look, if we can encourage people to step up and provide care services to children by giving out a ready supply of premium grade Garbage Rock, anything should be possible.”