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British National Party white loaves mutter protest

The British National Party were left devastated yesterday after a hotly anticipated new advertising campaign fell flat due to awful spelling and surreal baking connotations.

‘White Loaves Mutter’ was greeted with hilarity and derision from the press and anger from within the bread making community.

Aunty Semite, the current BNP leader, told the Badger, “This is just awful. No one in our party has an IQ above 27. We really should have outsourced to an agency. Adulf Hootler must be turning in his groove.”

Furious Redhill baker, Cob Yeasterly, later told the press, “Lovingly crafting bread has no place in far right politics. Things are blooming difficult enough with this rising pandemic!”

However, not everyone was upset. A delighted Rye Nutjob, author of ‘In conversation with crusty’ told the Badger: “I champion the spiritual truth of talking bread. And lighter coloured breads are always much better.”