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Movie sex scenes get Covid-friendly brush-off

Sexy witch on broom picture

The world of cinema was celebrating yesterday after inventor, Dover Ringworm, solved the problem of how to shoot socially distanced erotic scenes in film.

The ingenious Arousal Broom™ is 2 metres long and allows actors to perform varying sexual acts through advanced tickling and brushing techniques. It utilises multiple head attachments from silk to coarse horse hair to match context and mood.

Ringworm told the Badger, “ I got the idea when I was sweeping up the yard. I saw this fit bird walk past and thought, cor I fancy a bit of slap and tickle but done in a safe Covid 19 manner. Next thing I know I got Steven Spielberg on the blower.”

It was later reported that the invention was already influencing the porn industry. Several films will now feature dildo-enhanced fishing rods, ribbed walking sticks and teak-hardened rowing oars for S&M scenes.