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Underriver Trump Statue Sparks Armed Response

Underriver, Kent - Armed police and a helicopter were scrambled to reports of a naked man on the prowl in the countryside - only to find the man was a life-size model of Donald Trump, president of the United States of America.

Officers responding to the call on Saturday were met by the sculpture's creator.

"I took them down to the sculpture where they all had a good laugh and took a lot of photographs," artist Neeta Getachob, 34, said.

Kent Police said it found there was "less risk to the public than the real thing."

Told by a neighbour that police were investigating reports of a naked man in nearby woods, Ms Getachob set off up the lane near her home.

"Out of the field opposite came a whole crowd of armed police, who by then knew that it was all a false alarm,'" she told BBC Radio Kent.

"It looks quite real, it's meant to look real, despite the ridiculously small penis."

A helicopter from the National Police Air Service also briefly attended.