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Not Just Any Panic Buyer

marks and spencer toilet roll photo

The UK retail industry was in uproar today as Marks & Spencer CEO Hedge Rowe announced that the reason his company was experiencing no issues with panic buying was a simply matter of demographics.

"It's not classist," he told the Badger. "Our trademark is that we serve a better quality product to a better quality customer.  We've never apologised for this, and I don't intend to start now.  We're simply reaping the benefits of our chosen market segment: our customers understand that panic buying is counterproductive long term, and so haven't sunk to the ignorant, loo-roll deprived depths that the rest of the country has. It's a smart shopping choice that we will continue to support."

Rival supermarket Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupon, who recently announced his company's intention to counter panic buying by spending almost 8 million pounds on a fleet of tiny trolleys, was not available for comment.