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Wellington Booty

Naked soldier in wellington boots

In a surprise move, the SAS have teamed up with Naked Attraction to launch a new reality TV show called ‘Naked Wellington’

Filmed in Siberia, contestants will be nude except for a pair of oversized wellington boots that must be worn throughout.

They then face a gruelling 30 mile hike through an area of vast wilderness, followed by a 10 mile lake-crossing by pedalo. The leading two contenders will then wrestle in a pit of grizzly bear manure until a champion is declared after he or she claims the boots of their opponent.

If they enjoyed each other’s company they will also win a romantic camping weekend to the Red Forest near Chernobyl.

Asked for comment, SAS general Trevor Stealth crept up from behind us and said, “It’s a very silly idea but we need the money. High class prostitutes and gala luncheons don’t pay for themselves you know.”