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Kanye West Meat Rapper Picture

Music industry eyebrows were raised yesterday after a new rapper from France celebrated as his controversial debut single ‘Parma Harm’ hit both the UK and US number one spots.

The song explores dark themes of the dried pork trade and rising murder rates in Italy, and has been banned by several radio stations.

Shaq Q Tree, from the Marinade area of Paris, told the Badger, “This news is just dope. Rap needed a new flavour and that’s what I’ve given it.”

According to his press release the debut album, ‘Find the Cure’ is ‘a ground-breaking concept album inspired by exceptional dry cured meats and the darker side of 21st century life.’

Further controversy is expected when follow up singles, ‘Lomo Homo’ and ‘Coppa Handful of My Wiener Schitzel’ are released later this year.