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Harrowing Barrowing

nude man pushing wheelbarrow picture

A man from Yeovil was in hospital last night after breaking a world record for the wheelbarrow position following a 41 hour sexathon with his neighbour’s wife.

Pop I D Zalorman, 53, told the Badger from his intensive care bed, “I’m chuffed to bits. We’ve already had over a hundred thousand views on YouTube. It’s made the months of powerlifting and road miles all worthwhile.”

The hospital confirmed he had suffered multiple fractures in both arms, four slipped discs, a ruptured testicle and third-degree burns in the groin area.

Not everyone was impressed. An angry Barbara Trowel, editor of ‘Wheelbarrow Today’ told us, “This sort of thing does not help our image. The wheelbarrow is a British icon and an elegant form of garden transport not a sex machine.”