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Epic Bullsh*t Bingo Fail Wrecks Man’s Career

Spare some synergy homeless graduate trainee photo

Dave Pacific, a graduate trainee from London, was fired by McKinsey’s yesterday for continuous misuse of business jargon with important clients.

Whilst leading a workshop with Barclays he asked participants to get down on all fours and wrestle for low hanging fruit. When that failed he suggested blue-sky thanking, where he instructed the group to look out the window towards heaven and thank God for everything. The following day, in a thought-shower with Vodafone, he asked attendees to peel each other’s faces and wash their onions.

An angry Marge PowerPoint, spokesperson for the management consultancy told us, “Using these phrases correctly is incredibly important. We’d have no business model without them.”

The last straw came when Pacific told the CEO of Google he shouldn’t try to boil Billy Ocean.

So, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.