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Cute Cats Stop World War III

skiing cat wearing a snorkel

The world woke up with joy this morning after Harvard University revealed that people’s online love affair with cats is helping to prevent war.

Findings from a new study suggest that each time a major incident threatens peace, the internet sees a huge surge in cat activity and the problem goes away.

Head researcher, Anna Pussywimple, told the Badger, ”It’s like a weird karma thing. A balance in the force.

Consider the last US/Iran standoff. Trump was minutes from pressing the red button until Sharon, a tabby from Ohio, got 100,000 likes for doing a forward role wearing a ski mask.  It was just beautiful.”

The report also claimed that Syrian President Assad had been readying his entire chemical war machine when Buzz, a tortoise shell from Woking, got 200,000 extra followers for break dancing to Stan by Eminem.

And when Russia threatened to invade the Ukraine, Geoff, a Siamese cross from London, got 50,000 loves for growling the Egyptian national anthem.

Both the UK and US Governments dismissed the report as absurd and not in line with their required bad news policy.

The Badger smiled and wagged its tail.