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Inventor Of The 5:2 Fasting Diet Dies

London, UK - Dr Michael Muesli, inventor of the popular 5:2 intermittent fasting diet was found dead in his Chelsea home today.

The diet, which involves severe calorie-restricted eating on only two days of the week, was created almost 5 years ago, and has since become a world-wide phenomenon, embraced by thousands of people.

His wife Dreary told the Badger, "It's a terrible tragedy. Micky was never content to just leave his diet alone.  He kept picking at it, never really happy with his menus, always trying to make it better. But then in the last few months he became transfixed by his new idea: the 0:7 intermittent fasting diet."

0:7? Doesn't that mean fasting every day?

"Oh no, that would be silly - it's still intermittent fasting, just less intermittently.  It's a brilliant idea, and did wonders for our food budget, but of course his diets don't suit everyone, and in this case it sadly didn't suit him either."