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Farmer Outrage as Giant Mountain of Sh*t Mistaken for Fallout 76

Fallout 76 heap of dung picture

A farmer from Ohio was left apoplectic yesterday after a enormous pile of animal faeces stored in one of his fields was mistaken for online game, Fallout 76.

A livid Joe Hedgerow told a nose-pinched Badger. “I’m angry. Some redneck takes a photo of my field, posts it on Twitter saying it’s Fallout 76 and before I know it, boom, I’m famous. And for all the wrong reasons! This could cost me my livelihood.

I mean, I love that field. That mountain of sh*t’s got 16 times the detail compared to all my other fields. I think I might start charging people $100 to come visit it."

Bethesda Studios, the company responsible for Fallout 76, refused to comment, although they did offer the Badger a very cheap looking nylon bag and 500 free atoms for not publishing the story.

Look out for the Badger Fallout 76 retrospective review coming soon!