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Crack Pipe found on Moon!

Crack pipe earth rise picture

Childhood memories across the western world were left in ruin yesterday after a crack pipe was discovered on the moon.

It was found by the ‘Rover IV’ module that is currently on the moon’s surface conducting climate analysis.

Anguished NASA veteran, Hank Rocket, told a crowded news conference, “Like so many, I watched the moon landing at home with my family. We felt so proud to be wealthy, white and American. We had conquered space, now we could conquer the universe!

There were rumours, of course. Armstrong and his peers were always very focussed, skittish and scrawny little fellows, and pipe smoking of tobacco was all the rage back then. But no one could have imagined this.”

He then sobbed, “It breaks my heart to think that while the world watched on in complete awe, they were up there, dancing about like crazy people, completely off their tits on rock candy. I doubt they even remember it. It probably explains Apollo 13 too.

And we spent so much of everybody’s money on exploring space. It’s just awful. We would have been better off spending the dollars on Vietnam or giving the police more resources to beat up hippies and brown people.”