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Amazon Releases Trundle VR Shopping

Amazon Trundle virtual reality shopping googles

Seattle - Amazon has today released its long-awaited Trundle VR, the virtual reality shopping experience.

Jeff Pesos, CEO and President of, told the Badger.  "It's an exciting time for online shopping.  Despite the convenience of buying things over the internet, many of our customers complain that the experience doesn't match real life in terms of fun. This changes everything."

Trundle VR goggles allow shoppers to wander along a virtual shopping mall, walk into shops, interact with customer service artists and even try on clothing.

"I was thrilled," said May Dew-Blush, owner of "Nothing spoils a day more than having to return items and wait even longer for what we deserve. At last we have online try before you buy!"

The shopping experience defaults to national norms, but Trundle Prime customers will be able to fully customise the platform, even to the point of choosing customer service friendliness levels."

Exciting times.  Y'all have a nice day now!