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What The Health?

Trump and Paul White health reforms involve faith-healing
Trump's U.S. healthcare reforms continue to raise eyebrows as he today announced a national faith-healing partnership with Paula Michelle White-Cain, his long-term friend and spiritual advisor who recently took over the White House's Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

The pair announced on Twitter that hospital emergency rooms throughout the country would be replaced with chapels where Christian faith healers would be available 24x7 to pray for the sick.

"Believe me, it's a great day for Christian America and our healthcare system," tweeted Trump. "And will save lots and lots of money.  Quite a lot of money. It's what Jesus would have wanted: a true Affordable Care Act."

Asked by our reporters how this would impact Americans of other faiths as well as atheists, he shrugged and said, "They should go home to their own countries."