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Tornado Tears Through Surrey

funny dog flying through the air in a storm picture

Surrey, England - Residents in the towns of Chertsey and Shepperton were woken up by a sound described like 'a plane taking off' as fences and tree branches were hurled through the air by a 'tornado'.

The whirlwind, which lasted just under a minute, forced cars on the nearby M25 motorway to come to a halt as debris and small dogs were strewn across the carriages.

Mrs Amanda Mapissnes told the Badger, "It was simply dreadful. We were having breakfast with our morning papers when it happened. I had to ask Tom - that's my husband, he works in the City - to investigate.  He got up immediately, bless him, and found all our lovely Paola Lenti garden furniture had been blown over by the wind. He said he would get a man in right away to sort it out even if it meant his toast would get cold."

Chertsey County Council has set up a support helpline and GoFundMe page for traumatised victims of this disaster.