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Scandal Rocks Church

Scandal rocks village church

Scandal rocked the little village of Droopy Bottom in Surrey, today, with the discovery that the parson's wife, Margery Nodbudder, had lied about baking her cake for the annual vicarage garden party.  The discovery was made when the beautifully decorated chocolate cake was found to be stuffed with tissue paper. The visibly distraught Mrs Nodbudder promptly confessed that she'd in fact bought it at the church bake sale that very morning.

The Lord often works in mysterious ways, but in this case an explanation was provided by the equally embarrassed Mrs Agatha Pantha of Mottley Lane.

"I baked the cake this morning," she said.  "It was meant to be a lovely, light, strawberry sponge cake, but the blessed thing collapsed.  I didn't have time to bake another, so I quickly patched it up with tissue paper and chocolate icing.  I told my son Scott to buy the cake as soon as the bake sale opened, but he was too late and it had already gone.  I feel it's all my fault."

A candlelight vigil will be held at the Parish Church this Friday at 6pm to pray through the crisis. Tea and biscuits will be provided.