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London Prayer Terrorist Attack

Christian band singing in a hospital ward

London, UK - Reports are flooding in of a major terrorist attack at St Bart's hospital. A group known as the Jesus Healers stormed the hospital in the early hours of the morning, overwhelming staff with catchy songs and hugs.  They then proceeded through all the wards, singing, praying loudly and laying hands on all the patients in the name of Jesus.

"I felt quite better," said one patient, "but mostly when they left."

The cardiac wing, however, was in huge disarray following the incident, as patients started suffering major post-op complications.

"I wish they would have been more careful," said Doctor Ava Heart, chief cardiologist.  "Prayer is known to be generally ineffective, but for some strange reason cardiac patients respond very badly to it."

Hospitals throughout London have been put on full alert until the group is detained.