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New Banksy Star of Bethlehem, featuring Yoda

Banksy nativity scene featuring Yoda picture

A surreal new Banksy  piece depicting the nativity scene and rather surprisingly, Yoda, has appeared on a hotel wall in Bethlehem on the border of Palestine and Israel.

The “Bethlehem Scar of ” artwork features a manger scene with Mary, Joseph, Yoda and the baby Jesus surrounded by cattle, but instead of sparkly star overlooking the scene, the urban artist has created a four-pointed bullet hole.

The piece appeared at a hotel owned by Banksy, which overlooks the border wall in the divided city.  The hotel, which was opened two years ago, and is billed as having “the worst view of any hotel in the world” is filled with original Banksy artwork.

Christian groups throughout the world have protested against the piece, demanding its removal, but the manager of the hotel, Wantsam Salsaa, told the Badger that they would "no power on earth could make him remove it, not even the Force."