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New Archbishop of York: ‘Bible has to be rewritten'

Stephen Conttrell and Jesus Christ photograph

The incoming Archbishop of York believes biblical teaching should come second to 21st century Western cultural beliefs and be completely rewritten.

Bishop Cottrell, who is currently the Bishop of Chelmsford and will take over from Dr Justin Wellbeing next year to become the second most senior clergyman in the Church of England, echoed the Archbishops of Canterbury and York’s plea for a “radical new Christian inclusion”.  He said it would be wrong to ignore the “damage” that is done by rejecting society’s current view of human sexuality and scientific truth in general.

"The Bible was written at a time," he told our reporters, "when people in general did not have the faintest idea about anything.  It's a miracle it's lasted this long.  It's time for a radical rethink and I look forward to being part establishing a newer, better, more relevant Word of God.  I believe it's what Jesus would have wanted, had he existed."