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MC of Galilee

Funny Jesus rapper picture

The religious community was in uproar yesterday after a music historian Arthur Dozen claimed that the 12 disciples were the originators of ‘grime’.

Mr Dozen later told our reporters, “Oh yes, there’s little doubt.  Several ancient scriptures talk about the ‘Galilee Massive’.  They started out more drum and bass but were soon mashing things up with hip hop and dancehall.  Peter’s guttural bass lines were incredible and Andrew’s tight drum programming became renown.  It just made it so much easier for Jesus to rap over.  It really helped get the message across.

John B was the band leader, and a great one.  He never lost his head when playing live.

It was a shame really.  They split up just as they were starting to break through in the Bethlehem market.  The last single, ‘Walk the water’ got to number sixteen on the charts, but Judas wanted to push their sound more towards ‘Drill’.  His lyrics were getting very dark and nihilistic, and he ended up leaving to pursue a solo career.”

An anonymous Vatican spokesman contacted us and said, “It’s all nonsense and we're officially very upset, however I do quite enjoy those filthy break beats.”