Recents in Beach

Disco Inferno

President Donald Trump dancing picture

The worlds of music and politics were in a state of shared disbelief yesterday after the White House confirmed President Donald Trump will release a double album next month with his new band, ‘Orange Don and the Slack Jaw Collective.’

‘Drain the Swamp’ was recorded earlier this year at Abbey Road studios in London whose roster has included music royalty such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Muse and Bobby McFerran.  It is believed that the President's obsession with McFerran’s hit single, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ may have influenced his decision to record outside of the US.

The President performed vocal duties on the album and is credited as the lead song writer.  In a press release his band are described as ‘a hand-picked group of musicians from the Deep South with exquisite technical skill and tireless low intellect.’

Album tracks include: ‘Very stable genius’, ‘Bad hombre blues’, ‘Hey, hey, hey! It’s the kay, kay, kay!’, ‘Extinct the rebellion’, ‘Viva las muro’, `When a man loves a kneeling woman’, a cover of the James Bond classic ‘From Russia with love’, and thirteen versions of ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.

When asked to describe the album, Barbara Lederhosen, a White House spokesman, said, “Oh, It’s so really, really great.  A lyrical and vocal master class and a blissful fusion of grime, hill-billy and delta blues.  It’s a wonderful homage to the banjo, the bottle blow and the thigh slap. You really have to hear it, to believe it.  I mean, the first single, ‘Hey, hey, hey! It’s the kay, kay, kay’ ... Wow.  It’s gonna be a disco monster.  It will set a fire under dance floors all across the country.”

It was later confirmed that an extensive US tour will kick off in February.  Beyoncé was initially booked as the support act until Orange Don realised she wasn’t ‘an all American girl.’  No replacement has yet been confirmed although Chas and Dave cover band ‘Nigel Farage and the Leavers’ are understood to be strong contenders.